Be Now Chiropractic

  • Do you have aches and pains that prevent you from doing something you love?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed when you think of what it might take to heal?
  • Do you feel inspired by life one minute and too tired to take action the next?
  • Do you experience stress and resistance to making small changes to your daily routines even though you know those changes would be beneficial?
  • Do you simply want more out of your life, but are not sure of the next step to help you feel more energetic and inspired to go for it?

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Be Now Chiropractic offers a gentle chiropractic adjustment that allows the body the best opportunity to function at its highest level possible by removing interference from the nervous system, returning it to a more natural, balanced, unhindered state. It is in this state that the Innate Intelligence of the body is expressed at its fullest, facilitating healing, with the possibility of impacting life on all levels.

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Serving Hundreds of Families in the Tucson Area

Be Now Chiropractic is located in central Tucson, surrounded by the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Call today for a FREE consultation: 520-484-3471.

Dr. Lee Ann Kalaba, DC – Tucson chiropractor located at the SE corner of Craycroft and Hampton, in the Southwest Professional Plaza.

Dr. Lee Ann could be YOUR chiropractor in Tucson.