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Meet Tucson Chiropractor Lee Ann Kalaba

Lee Ann Kalaba, Doctor of Chiropractic, graduated as Valedictorian from Life University. Dr. Lee Ann KalabaPrior to undertaking her chiropractic education, she received her undergraduate degree in accounting and entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona and spent nearly a decade in Corporate America. After several years of high achievement yet feeling unfulfilled, Dr. Lee Ann experienced a severe injury and weight gain that was the catalyst to her journey of self-discovery.

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Dr. Lee Ann’s Personal Experience With Chiropractic

“I was basically living the American Dream, but I found myself wanting more…more connection, more presence, more groundedness, more meaning, more something. (All that I was searching for was inside of myself, but I didn’t understand that at the time.) I would even go so far as to say I was ready to leave this life if this was all there was to it, living the same days over and over again, for a purpose that I could not grasp, intellectually or spiritually. I felt empty despite all of the material success I had achieved.

“After the injury and years of physical dysfunction, I found my way to chiropractic. With just a few weeks of care, I began to heal. More importantly, I realized that no one could fix me. Healing happened from the inside, and it could only come from me. Once I understood that I was responsible for and capable of my own healing, I was able to take higher levels of responsibility in other areas of my life. At that point, I really began to change my life in numerous beneficial ways, through various alternative paths and holistic studies, including the teachings of contemporary thought leaders Bruce Lipton, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, and contemporary shamanism through Carlos Castaneda, Arnold Mindell, and Alberto Villoldo.

“Healing, for me, wasn’t simply about removing symptoms, aches, and pains. Nor was it about losing all the weight I had gained post-injury so that I could start my ‘real’ life. It was about functioning at a higher state of being than I ever thought possible, on all levels–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and more–while loving myself completely as I was, in that moment. In many ways, chiropractic saved my life. In the end, I didn’t choose chiropractic for what it did for my back. I chose chiropractic for what it did for my Being.”

Now, Dr. Lee Ann looks forward to facilitating the healing of others through chiropractic care, giving back to her community after her own healing and transformative experience, as she strives to live her best life possible, every single day.

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Learn How I Turned My Personal Experience Into A Health Coaching Program

You already know I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, but did you know that I am also a health coach? YES!

I am an Essential Healing™ health coach…

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