What Is Essential Healing?

Essentialism is the view that, for any specific entity (such as an animal, a group of people, a physical object, a concept), there is a set of attributes which are necessary to its identity and function.  (Cartwright, R. L. (1968). “Some remarks on essentialism”. The Journal of Philosophy 65 (20): 615–626.)

What, then, is essential in regards to optimum health and healing?

From my experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic and my physical, physiological, and philosophical views on wellness, Essential Healing™ involves:

  • Optimum nerve flow (function of the Nervous System)
  • Optimum motion/movement
  • Optimum nutrition
  • Optimum emotional well-being

My Essential Healing™ Program is 6 months of personalized chiropractic care coupled with health & wellness coaching, including direct support and significant one-on-one time so that I can deliver tools for you to use to improve your health.  For many people, an improvement in health serves as the perfect catalyst for changing their lives!

The Essential Healing™ Program is ideal for those who need specific, detailed guidance and increased accountability on the journey to improved health.  To obtain more information, call 520-484-3471.

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